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Nicknamed "Bloody Babs" by the press, Graham was the third woman in California to be executed by gas. When Barbara was two, her mother, who was a teenager, was sent to reform school. Barbara was raised by strangers and extended family, and, although intelligent, had a limited education. As a teenager, she was arrested for vagrancy and sentenced to serve time at Ventura State School for Girls, the same reform school where her mother had been.

Released barbara brown escort reform school inBarbara tried to make a new start for herself. She married and enrolled in a business college and soon had her first. The marriage was not a success, and by she was divorced.

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Over the next several years, she was married twice more and had a second child, but each of these attempts at a normal life failed. Inshe and some other "seagulls" flew down to Long Beach and San Diego. She was arrested on vice charges in these naval cities and in San Pedro. At 22, with her good looks, red hair, and sex appeal, she worked for a time in San Francisco for brothel madam Sally Stanford.

She soon became involved in drugs and gambling and had a of friends who were ex-convicts and career criminals. She served five years for perjury as an alibi witness for two petty criminals, and served her sentence at the California Department of Corrections Women's State Prison at Tehachapi. After her stint in state prison, Barbara moved to Reno, Nevada and then Tonopah. She worked in a hospital and as a waitress.

Barbara became bored and got on a bus for Los Angeles, where she got a room on Hollywood Boulevard and returned to prostitution. Inshe married a bartender, Henry Graham, with whom she had a third child, named Tommy. Henry Graham was a hardened criminal and drug addict. She started an affair with Perkins, who told her about a year-old widow, Mabel Monohan, who was alleged to keep a large amount of cash in her home in Burbank.

Barbara reportedly gained entry by asking to use her phone. Once Monohan opened the door for Graham, the three men burst in. The gang demanded money and the jewels from Monohan, but she refused to give them anything. At this point, Barbara reportedly pistol-whipped Monohan, cracking her skull.

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They then suffocated her with a pillow. The robbery attempt was a futile effort; the gang found nothing of value in the house and left empty-handed. Eventually, some of the gang members were arrested and John True agreed to become a state witness in exchange for immunity from prosecution. In court, True testified against Graham, who continually protested her innocence. The press nicknamed her "Bloody Babs," reflecting the public disgust for her alleged actions. The inmate, however, was working in league with an undercover policeman in order to reduce her own vehicular manslaughter sentence.

The officer offered to pose as the "boyfriend" Graham was with the night of the murder, if she admitted to him she was actually at barbara brown escort scene of the crime.

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The officer recorded the conversation. This attempt to suborn perjury as well as the confession she was at the scene, destroyed Graham's credibility in court. When questioned about her actions at the trial, she said, "Oh, have you ever been desperate? Do you know what it means not to know what to barbara brown escort Graham, Santo, and Perkins were all sentenced to death for the robbery and murder.

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Graham appealed her sentence while serving time at the California Institute for Women in the city of Corona. Her appeals failed, and she was transferred to the death row at San Quentin State Prison to await execution. On June 3,she was scheduled to be executed at a. Knight until a. At a. I was ready to go at ten o'clock.

There, she requested a blindfold so she wouldn't have to look at the observers. Her last words were "Good people are always so sure they're right. However, much of the film is fictionalized—in particular, the presentation of the manner in which the police found and arrested Graham. Evidence clearly pointed to her guilt.

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Reporter Gene Blake, who covered Graham's murder trial for the Los Angeles Daily Mirrorcalled the movie "a dramatic and eloquent piece of propaganda for the abolition of the death penalty. Bailey and Steven Chermak. Barbara Graham — was found guilty of the murder of Mabel Monahan and was executed, along with two codefendants, on June 3, Graham achieved popular culture immortality via the later Hollywood film I Want to Live!

The Death of Mabel Monahan. The crime occurred on the evening of March 9, The victim, Mabel Monahan, was a sixty-four-year-old widow who lived in Burbank, California. He notified the police when he noticed that the front door was ajar and that the house appeared to have been ransacked. She had been struck repeatedly on the head and strangled barbara brown escort a strip of cloth.

Tudor Scherer Walker, This provided motivation for an informant who led Burbank police a week later to Baxter Shorter, an ex-convict with a record of property crimes.

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Shorter made a statement to the police on Barbara brown escort The motive for the crime was robbery. Shorter was able to provide the first names of three of his partners Emmett, John, and Jack and a physical description of the fourth partner, a woman. Police quickly focused on John Santo b. Perkins and Santo were also responsible for a quadruple murder in in Plumas County, though they would be tried for the Monahan murder first.

True was arrested by police, questioned, and released; he claimed to have no knowledge of the crime or any of the alleged crime partners barbara brown escort than Santo. However, the April 13 edition of the San Francisco Examiner reported that a suspect was being held in the Monahan murder, and hinted that other suspects had been identified. The repercussions were immediate. In the first of barbara brown escort instances in which news coverage impacted the course of the case, Shorter was kidnapped at gunpoint from his home on April 14 and, presumably, murdered in retaliation for his confession.

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True had no criminal record, which made him preferable to the missing Shorter as a witness. According to both True and Shorter, Graham was the first person to approach the Monahan house, using a ruse about car trouble to gain entry. Santo and Perkins tied up Monahan, dragged her to a hall closet, and ed with the others in searching the house for a safe or cache of valuables.

He stated that when he came into the house, he saw Graham striking Monahan on the face and head with a gun. They then searched the house for fifteen or twenty minutes.

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True went into another room and heard someone strike Monahan again in his absence. True and Santo left for northern California that same night. Police also interviewed William Upshaw, who had been approached by Santo about the robbery but had backed out of the venture before the evening of the crime.

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True told his story to the Los Angeles County grand jury, and it returned indictments against Perkins, Santo, and Graham. Knowing that they were being sought by police, Santo, Perkins, and Graham made several moves after April first from their homes to the Ambassador Motel, then to Seal Beach, and finally to an apartment in a Lynwood machine shop building.

At trial, Graham explained these relocations by a complicated story involving a guano deal, but she also admitted that she was aware of news stories stating that True had identified his crime partners.

The three were arrested there on May 4,after an undercover police officer followed Graham to the building. Graham became the center of media attention almost immediately. Other reports described Graham as naked, or as rising from a bed she was sharing with Santo Walker, The Times and the Examiner featured banner headlines on the arrest, with accompanying photos of Graham.

Who Was Barbara Graham? To a certain extent, Graham had always been a lightning rod for controversy.

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