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Three women say they faced sexual misconduct by Gordon Sondland before he was the U. They say he retaliated against them professionally after they rejected his advances. In one case, a potential business partner recalls that Sondland took her to tour a room in a hotel he owns, only to then grab her face and try to kiss her. After she rejected him, Sondland backtracked on investing in her business. Another woman, a work associate at the time, says Sondland exposed himself to her during a business interaction. She also recalls falling over the back of a couch trying to get away from him.

After she made her lack of interest clear, she says Sondland called her, screaming about her job performance. She says he pushed himself against her and kissed her. She shoved him away. She says his job help stopped. All three women have agreed to be named in this story. In all the cases, friends, family members or colleagues of the women recall being told about the encounters at the time. The cases span a seven-year period, ending less than a decade ago.

Sondland denies the allegations. They have no basis in fact, and I categorically deny them. Vogel also mentioned it to an editor at Portland Monthly, the co-publisher of this story, and she later spoke about it again at a breakfast event in Portland. She encountered Sondland 16 years ago when she was trying to raise money to start her magazine.

But if people are asking what his moral character is, I have one more piece of evidence for them. The women had kept their stories to their own circles, even sex personal in gordon town Sondland was nominated and vetted for an ambassadorship by a president who himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women.

The women say they were not contacted by the government for any background checks. She was 34 years old and fresh off a job at Move.

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Armed with full mock-ups of the magazine and detailed financial projections, the search for investors led her to Sondland. He owns five hotels in Portland under the umbrella of the company he founded, Provenance Hotel Group. He was once asked at a panel why he got into the business. You have everything you can think of. Sondland is also a prominent philanthropist. He has served on several high-profile nonprofit boards, including as the chairman of the board of trustees of the Portland Sex personal in gordon town Museum.

A prominent staircase there bears his name and that of his wife, Katherine Durant.

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At the impeachment hearing, U. According to Vogel, Sondland was helpful, connecting her with potential advertisers and investors. Over dinner, he told her that he would invest his own money in the magazine, and that Portland needed people like her. After dinner, Vogel remembers Sondland proposing a walk across the street to Hotel Lucia, which Provenance had acquired two years before and filled with splashy art.

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Vogel says he introduced her to staff on the first floor — the concierge, the doorman, the front desk attendants — before suggesting that she might want to see one of the rooms. Afterward, Vogel confided in a friend, Craig Sweitzer, and her sister, both of whom confirmed her. Sondland and Vogel had a second lunch on the calendar for a few weeks later to hammer out details of the investment.

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Vogel says she decided to keep the appointment, hoping the encounter at the Lucia had been a momentary lapse in judgment. Instead of going to lunch there, Vogel recalls Sondland showed up in a vintage convertible and drove them to an out-of-the-way restaurant 8 miles away, across two rivers. Vogel remembers little of the meal itself, but she recalls the drive back well.

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She says Sondland placed his hand on her midthigh and left it there for 10 or so minutes. They spent the rest of the ride in silence. It was precarious.

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Then, just days before she was due to close her first round of financing, Sondland sent anchanging the terms on his investment. In checking further, I have determined that the Lucia cannot participate under your very creative structure. Today, she runs magazines in six states. As you are doubtless aware, one of the three complainants, Nicole Vogel, is the owner and publisher of the Portland Monthly.

She and her publication stand to benefit directly from publishing these allegations, and Ms. Indeed, we understand that Portland Monthly is under ificant financial pressure and Ms. Vogel says she decided last week to stop placing the magazines there. You should know that Ms. Vogel is a close associate of Rep. Earl Blumenauer who sex personal in gordon town maligned Ambassador Sondland and threatened his company, misconduct that is now the subject of a Congressional Ethics Office complaint. Congressman Blumenauer is also a vocal critic of the Trump Administration.

Vogel says she has no relationship with the congressman. The congressman did this after Sondland initially declined to testify in the impeachment inquiry. Jana Solis met Sondland in The executive also sometimes pitched clients to with the company. Solis initially misremembered the year she met Sondland as or Knowing that Solis had experience in the hotel industry, a colleague asked her to take a meeting with Sondland, a lunch at Pazzo Ristorante, the Italian mainstay at what was then the Hotel Vintage Plaza.

Solis on the rear end.

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Next, Sondland requested she visit his home, so that she could evaluate his personal art collection. She was tough, she figured, after years spent working in industries like manufacturing. And then, she recalls, he told her there was even more of his collection to see in the pool house. She wanted to preserve the business relationship and not jeopardize her senior position at a job she loved. Sondland put his pants back on. A few months later, she was tasked with inspecting and holding staff training sessions at his hotel properties, including the Roosevelt Hotel in Seattle now renamed the Hotel Theodorewhere Sondland keeps a penthouse apartment.

Solis remembers sitting on the couch with him, having a glass of wine and hoping as hard as she could — praying — that it would go no further. She remembers suddenly finding herself on the floor.

Solis also told Schnabel her recollection of what happened in the pool house. A few days later, Solis was back in her office, working late, when the phone rang. She recalls Sondland was on the other end, screaming at her over insurance issues tangential to her job. He was pissed. Alone at her desk, Solis started to sob. The colleague, who declined to be named, says he saw the incident.

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It was the last time Solis ever spoke with Sondland. Solis left sex personal in gordon town. Provenance is currently a client of Marsh. Today, she still works in the insurance industry and often travels the country as a speaker and leader in her industry. The colleague wrote that he had been referred by Solis. The third woman who says she faced sexual misconduct by Sondland is Natalie Sept.

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InSept moved home to Portland after a post-college job teaching in the Chicago suburbs. Sept had always been interested in politics and eventually connected with Portland City Council member Nick Fish, who was running for reelection and needed a fundraiser. He hired Sept, whose role eventually expanded to campaign manager. Sondland, who had donated to Fish, was at a nearby table. In addition to being a major benefactor of the art museum, Sondland was the chair of the film board.

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Sondland invited Sept to dinner at El Gaucho, the same spot he took Vogel, to discuss a potential job at the film office. Sept showed up in a business suit, ready to network. Sondland spent much of the meal, Sept remembers, talking about his family and showing her pictures of his kids at the White House with then-President Bush.

So Sept agreed to continue the conversation down the street at Saucebox, a cocktail bar. Sept says she apologized for cutting the evening short. Sondland paid the tab and then offered to walk her to her car.

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Sept says she pushed him to the side, got into her car and sped off. The next day, trying to be the conscientious professional, she sent a follow-up scheduling Sondland for a meeting with Fish. He specifically denies attempting to kiss her, along with her claim that she pushed him away.

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Sept never heard from Sondland again about the state film commission job. In his statement, Sondland said he has never been aware of any accusations of unwanted touching or kissing against him.

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