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Las Vegas keeps plenty of secrets, but the lives of the high rollers who visit might yield the strangest secrets of all.

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Some big spenders push this to the limit. Another, a well-known basketball player, enjoys having sex on the morning of his departure while the butlers fastidiously pack up his luggage.

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Her other favorite pastime: asking the butlers to dress up in pajamas, crawl where to find prostitutes in vegas bed next to her, and read her bedtime stories. These incidents will hardly get you kicked out -- though the staff will periodically step in with slaps on the wrist. There is one habit that even the brattiest clients tend to avoid: getting blindingly drunk.

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In a Boulevard Penthouse suite, the value of your welcome amenity might be five or six figures. But booze is, by far, the most popular option.

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Every Boulevard Penthouse guest comes with a rider detailing everything from favorite brands of ice cream to the exact of minutes guests like their eggs hard-boiled. Which brings me to the pedantic room service tastes of big-spender guests. Neither had I. Here, Baccarat is the prevailing game of choice.

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It also has a ificant house advantage, meaning that the Cosmopolitan will better incentivize its play. Higher risk, higher reward.

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Excessive spending happens off the tables, too. As an animal-friendly hotel, the Cosmopolitan fields a lot of pet requests. Butlers hustle schnauzers around the on-site dog walk, make trips to Petco for additional dog beds and leashes, and put in orders to the esteemed on-site culinary team for canine-specific gourmet feasts. A misbehaving sugar glider aka a flying squirrel with severe separation anxiety takes the prize for weirdest animal guest, while nocturnal snakes that required dozens of blackout shades might be the highest-maintenance.

Things get crazier when animal requests revolve around wild creatures, rather than domesticated pets. And inebriated demands for zoo animals have ranged from llamas to tigers; the latter was needed to -- no joke -- reenact that infamous scene from The Hangover.

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Alas, none of those wishes could be fulfilled due to rules against animal cruelty-and common sense. The thinly veiled requests, however, come roughly once a week: "Can you introduce me to someone? Requests for drugs -- usually cocaine -- are also once-a-week occurrences that come with a hard "no. Among high-rollers, superstitions can quickly escalate from the demanding to the absurd.

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Some millionaires will sleep on the couch because they believe a bed with a headboard will beckon bad fortune. Others crowd themselves with citrus -- often with holes poked to "unleash the luck" -- scattering pierced oranges and lemons around the suite, letting them rot during longer stays. Also lucky for clients from the Far East: filling water basins to the brim.

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It gets weirder: Some guests are completely phobic about having anything thrown away, lest the discarded object be something lucky. Hot winning streaks may be accompanied by mounds of cigarette ashes, crumpled paper, or random assortments of trash.

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Of course, some quirks are fully individual. Boulevard Penthouse guests get pampered by two legions of staff: butlers and hosts.

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Hosts are like banker-bestie hybrids who liaise between high-rollers and casino: they extend interest-free, seven-figure lines of credit and learn how much players are willing to throw down and how risk-prone they are. Almost all of the clients are men, ranging in age from millennials to year-olds, and they stick around for three to five years before going dark-usually due to bad investments, dips in the economy, or divorce.

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Seven-figure bets often mean sky-high tips. Like all other tips, it was divvied up amongst the butlers, based on their hourly work commitments. Most thieves are small-time crooks-cheaters, really, or low-wagering guests who see opportunities to toss a chip onto a winning hand here and there. How many of them try to cheat?

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Around one in Artwork, duvets, even where to find prostitutes in vegas scales: gone, gone, gone. The oversized Oribe bath amenities? Pilfered by the bagful. But some guests are especially brazen about their thefts. One requested that the butler team get slippers from a competing casino so he could steal those, instead of the ones by his bed.

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Several have brought extra suitcases and asked the butlers to fill them with items from their suite -- think coffee table books, unopened alcohol, and decorative Hermes knickknacks. Turns out, even if you lose big at the casino, the hotel has its ways of making you feel like a winner. Home Lifestyle.

Think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

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Not this time. High-roller stakes, lowbrow tastes Every Boulevard Penthouse guest comes with a rider detailing everything from favorite brands of ice cream to the exact of minutes guests like their eggs hard-boiled.

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Courting lady luck with a dose of superstition Among high-rollers, superstitions can quickly escalate from the demanding to the absurd. Tips that tip the scales Seven-figure bets often mean sky-high tips. High-rollers take this to a whole other level.

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