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Some bands — like Maroon 5 and Blink — prefer to keep people guessing, never revealing the thought process behind their monikers. But other band name origin stories have been revealed over the years. Here are the tales behind some of the most famous band names in rock history. If you thought the band was just obsessed with carpentry, you were sorely mistaken.

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Two things about The Beatles cannot be argued: They were ridiculously talented and their band name was awful. Rolling Stone has not been alone in calling it one of the worst monikers in music history but the guys were inspired to adopt it because of the success of another band named after insects. In the early s, The Crickets were one of the most popular and respected bands in the world, which led a certain foursome from England to go a similar route, but with a groan-worthy pun.

When Dave Grohl first started Foo Fighters, it was a one-man project. But he wanted it to sound like a band, so he came up with a name that made it sound more elaborate.

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The frontman has said that, at that time, he was reading a lot of books about flying saucers and that led him to stumble upon the name for his career-defining act. One of the more recent interesting band names came from a buddy of the group itself.

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While there, they were friends with a guy named Tim Crompton, who had his own band called Coldplay. Crompton dropped the name and allowed his pals to have it because he apparently thought it sounded too depressing.

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It was intended by founder Jonathan Davis as a big middle finger to the idea that band names needed to be mysterious and cool. More than 25 years after their debut album came out, Davis still thinks the name is hilarious and loves that the band has had so much success with that particular moniker. The rest of the guys agreed it would be a great band name.

This memorable band name actually came from three different sources, one for each ly unrelated word. The first word was chosen because band member Tom Fogerty had a friend with the interesting name Credence Nuball.

Musician and personal pearl just feeling random

The middle word came from an advertisement for Olympia beer, a brewing company based in Washington. Long rumored to have been hood nickname for frontman Rivers Cuomo because he suffered from asthma, that story is only half correct.

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Few band names are as musician and personal pearl just feeling random as Arcade Fire, which can also be said of their music. The Canadian indie-rock heroes got their name from an event that may or may not have actually happened. Co-founder Win Butler told Clash that, asanother kid told him a story about an arcade going up in a blaze. Either way, it sparked a great band name! The phrase is slang for a day where one does little but smoke marijuana.

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Originally, the group was going to call itself Victims of a Down, based on a poem written by member Daron Malakian. The character of Fallout Boy debuted in a episode of the show and the band later took it, adding a space to break up the first word.

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Inthe band paid tribute to the show further by recording a cover of its theme song. This legendary Seattle outfit was originally called Mookie Blaylock, named after an NBA player from the era in which they started.

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They later came up musician and personal pearl just feeling random the name Pearl Jam in a pretty dull and random way, partly inspired after seeing a concert by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Various members of the band had been involved in two other bands: L. Guns and Hollywood Rose. Thus, the new band name came from a mixture of those two, according to a Rolling Stone story. The band finally formed in when he got together with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. This was another band name that came from the drummer, as Matchbox Twenty co-founder Paul Douchette was inspired by a customer at a restaurant where he was working.

The unknown customer was apparently wearing a shirt that had a big 20 printed on it, along with a bunch of patches. Like The Doors, this unique band name came from the title of a book — although this one was related to sex instead of drugs.

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The book, which was reportedly very one-sided against the practices it was coveringwas published in and the band formed in The Doors Getty Images. Led Zeppelin Getty Images.

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The Beatles Getty Images. Pink Floyd Getty Images. U2 Getty Images Frazer Harrison.

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Coldplay Getty Images. Korn Getty Images Kevin Winter. Weezer Getty Images Kevin Winter.

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Green Day Getty Images. Aerosmith Getty Images Nicholas Hunt.

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