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About the project. There is no law that explicitly prohibits or legalizes prostitution in the Dominican Republic, a country that has developed lavish resorts along its beautiful beaches. But as the country's popularity as a tourist destination grows, so does its sex tourism, according to the U.

The Center for Integral Orientation and Investigation, a non-governmental organization for sexual and reproductive health in the Dominican Republic, estimates there are almostsex workers in this country of 10 million.

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While sex work is most prevalent in large cities and tourist areas, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins and COIN, many sex workers like Odalis have local clients. Odalis has a youthful face and a girlish physique.

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One day in late spring, she was dressed casually in leggings and a fitted T-shirt. Her voice was calm, her face expressionless, as she recounted how the man proceeded to attack her physically and sexually, again and again.

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Montero, a former sex worker, now spends her days fighting for the rights of sex workers in the Dominican Republic. It is made up of current sex workers, like Odalis, and former ones, like Montero. The organization, which is dedicated to promoting the human rights of commercial sex workers, educates prostitutes on how to limit their exposure to AIDS and offers support for those hoping to transition out of the sex trade.

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Montero has turned her life around. Meanwhile, Odalis continues to meet prostitutes in dominican republic three johns on the weekends. When she leaves for work, she locks her year-old son in his room until her return.

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But Odalis adds one more wish: that her four children will never be drawn into the industry that has sustained them. But she keeps selling her body, mostly on weekends, she said, so she can feed her children.

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She also has been asked to speak at conferences and meetings in the U. The Cronkite School has been covering immigration and border issues since with the generous support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

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