What are flaws in a person

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A character flaw is a negative quality in a character that affects them or others in a detrimental way.

Why is it important to give your characters flaws?

Of course, the degree of this effect varies hugely based on the flaw itself. There are three types of character flaws: minor, major, and fatal.

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Major flaws tend to be more like hypocrisy and envy, and a fatal flaw would be something like the propensity to self-sabotage, or extreme hubris. What functions as a minor flaw for one character could be what are flaws in a person fatal flaw for another. Pro tip: Choose a flaw for one of your characters, then try a few character development exercises to see how it might manifest. With all that in mind: here are 70 fascinating character flaws to use in your story, with examples from literature to demonstrate each one.


Most of these character flaws are more annoying than harmful; some are even a little endearing. Others do have the potential to harm, but rarely evolve to that extent. Awkward — socially uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Example: Cath Avery in Fangirl. Example: Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Capricious — given to flights of fancy and impulsive behaviors. Childish — silly, immature, or innocent. Example: Peter in Peter Pan. Clumsy — uncoordinated and fumbling; often accident-prone.

Example: Bella Swan in Twilight. Foolish — lacking good judgment or common sense. Example: Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster.

Reader interactions

Gossipy — inclined to spread rumors or talk about others behind their backs. Example: Mrs. Jennings in Sense and Sensibility.

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Gullible — easily fooled or persuaded to believe something. Humorless — having no sense of humor; solemn. Example: Percy Weasley in Harry Potter. Lazy — unwilling to work; slothful. Example: Gervaise Macquart in L'Assommoir. Meek — overly gentle and submissive. Mischievous — playfully troublesome; rascally or roguish. Obnoxious — highly irritating and unpleasant. Prideful — having a lofty opinion of oneself and rarely admitting to being wrong. Example: Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Shallow — having few profound thoughts and caring only for inificant things.

Skeptical — doubtful or disbelieving. Example: Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. Spoiled — bratty and self-centered what are flaws in a person a result of overindulgence. Stubborn — willful and hetrong; refusing to give up. Tactless — not very nuanced or sensitive in dealings with others.

#2: major flaw

Example: Hermes in Circe. Example: Amy March in Little Women. Example: John Proctor in The Crucible. Anxious — experiencing frequent nerves or apprehension. Apathetic — having little interest in or enthusiasm for life. Example: The narrator in Fight Club. Arrogant — haughty, conceited, exaggeratedly self-important.

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Example: Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter. Belligerent — hostile and aggressive, even when unprovoked.

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Example: Curley in Of Mice and Men. Bitter — resentful and unpleasant because of a past experience. Example: Miss Havisham in Great Expectations. Dishonest — lying or behaving in a deceitful manner, usually to take advantage of others. Example: George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. Envious — wanting to possess what another has may be a physical object or a character trait.

Greedy — always desiring more food, wealth, attention, etc. Hedonistic — indulging completely in the pursuit of pleasure. Example: Icarus in the Metamorphoses. Brocklehurst in Jane Eyre. Ignorant — possessing little practical knowledge or awareness of the world.

Incompetent — unable to perform basic tasks. Poe in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Inconsiderate — caring little for the feelings of others.

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Example: Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes. Judgmental — critical and disapproving, often in an outspoken way. Lustful — overwhelmed with sexual desire. Example : Humbert Humbert in Lolita. Morally gray — neither good nor evil in a conventional sense; characterized by moral ambiguity.

Example: Kaz Brekker in Six of Crows. Obsequious — so deferential and flattering as to be unsettling.

What is a character flaw?

Example: Uriah Heep in David Copperfield. Possessive — overprotective and controlling.

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Example: Edward Cullen in Twilight. Quixotic — overly idealistic and hindered by their own expectations.

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Example: Emma Bovary in Madame Bovary. Short-tempered — quick to anger. Example: Jack Torrance in The Shining.

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Spiteful — bitter and malicious. Example: Severus Snape in Harry Potter. Stingy — mean and ungenerous. Vengeful — seeking ramifications for others as a form of revenge. Weak-willed — timid and spineless. Example: Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter. Perhaps this primer on the 12 types of characters featured in most stories can help you out! Abusive — engaging in habitual and extreme cruelty or violence.

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