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Name: Laverna Age: 33

All you have to do is dial our main switchboard and speak to one of our trained receptionists, who are there to assist you in a quick and efficient manner, Within five minutes of your call the lady of your choice will telephone you direct to discuss her details and charges. If you find at this stage you are not compatible then we shall help select another lady for you.

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There is no obligation whatsoever on your behalf and your contact is destroyed. Please be sure to leave our ladies a review and allow other customers the benefit of a little insider knowledge when they are choosing their Watford escorts.

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To leave a review for one of our ladies please just click on their profile picture and scroll down to the review form. They say that familiarity breeds contempt but despite having stayed over in Watford at least a dozen times on business I can honestly say that I have not tired of the town in the least. But I do have a secret Next weekend I will be staying over at the Mercure, a mid level business focussed hotel with an indoor indian escort watford and spa facilities which help to make the stay eminently comfortable and it's affordable too with rooms around sixty pounds per night for a double indian escort watford including breakfast!

My business favours this hotel because of the discounts on offer but also the conferencing facilities on offer. The hotel boasts no fewer than fourteen meeting rooms which can hold up to two hundred people. And with fantastic catering and entertaining on site I find it just perfect when I need to seal a deal or get my team up to speed with our company's latest offerings.

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But by now you must be wondering if I work for the hotel, lol! Nope, but it does play its part in my enjoying each and every minute of my time in Watford. You see, it's the perfect, self contained place to enjoy the companionship of a Watford Escort. The wonderful girls of Watford Escorts make every visit to the area something to remember, even when you are here for the most mundane of training days or a high pressure sales trip.

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I used to meet girls around town but lately I've indian escort watford been using the hotel as my base. It's a buzzing place with a real lively crowd and perfect to create a real vibe with a sexy girl before going back to the comfort of your hotel room for an intimate massage and some good times. In fact I plan on visiting real soon as they have a special party planned and I indian escort watford that you will also have a great time at one of their parties!

I'm not going to pretend that you will find London quality restaurants in Watford but there are some cool and cosy places. A particular favourite of mine is the Tarboush Lebanese which also has a cool shisha bar. Anyway, at a recent conference where we had indian escort watford suffer a day discussing sales figures and all manner of ways in which we could improve the 'customer journey' and 'optimise engagement' I was sitting with a few of the team - four guys and a girl? What is the perfect date was the question.

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I glazed over when one of the guys, Ken, began reeling off a list of cliches as long as your arm. The perfect indian escort watford is to walk hand in hand in the sunset with the love of your life, kissing in the moonlight as the water from a warm ocean laps at your feet. Yeah, right. I've known Ken ten years and never even seen him with a woman. John, the new guy, was even worse.

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For him it was a candlelit meal for two in an intimate Italian restaurant In my mind I pictured the scene with the two dogs eating spaghetti Hermione's date was far miore interesting however. Now you see Hermione is a beautiful, slim, articulate, intelligent young woman of around twenty five. But she is eminently quiet. I don't think I'd ever heard her say more than a few words outside of a business meeting and I always figured that she was confident in her business role but shy when it comes to social gatherings.

But here she was, waxing lyrically about what it was that turned her on.

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All the guys were enrapt as you can imagine. She seemed in a far off world, almost trance like as she talked us through, step by step, how to seduce a hot woman. And then it was as if she suddenly woke up and realised just what she was saying. It was difficult for me to think about anything else than Hermione that evening.

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I checked out the wedding finger of her left hand and there was no engagement ring and no wedding band. I thought about her business skirt riding up her thigh as she crossed her legs during the conversation. I wanted her. But, and it is a huge but, I've always thought you should never mix business with pleasure and you should certainly never, ever, get involved with a client. And I left it at that.

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But little did I know what was to happen later. Returning to my hotel room at around ten thirty all I could think about was the touch of a woman. My blood was up. No problem, I had the telephone for my favourite escort at Watford Escorts at the ready. But then I had a naughty thought. Now, dear reader, please forgive me for being honest in this dishonest world of ours but I have to admit what was going through my mind.

Adult content warning!

And so I did what any red blooded male would do and I checked out the website for Watford Escorts to see if any new girls had ed up and did they resemble sweet, petite, pert and pretty Hermione. And as luck would have it there was the perfect girl - Sandrine. Sandrine was a size six. She described herself as fun loving and up for anything. She had a toned figure and I looked at the pictures of her in a sexy bikini and in erotic lingerie and I just had to have her come over to give me a massage to remember. She was free at eleven and so I had about twenty minutes to wait.

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I relaxed, showered and waited for the gentle rapping at my door. At about five to twelve I heard a tapping and I walked across the plush carpet towards the door. I was wearing a robe and I fought in vain against the smile that indian escort watford beginning to spread across my face: I couldn't wait to greet sexy Sandrine and enjoy the full on escort experience.

I opened the door and there she was? Right, let me ask you a question: what would you have done? My options ranged from making an excuse to Hermione? I'm tired, need rest, big day tomorrow - to an extreme fantasy that lingered in my head? Of course fantasies are just that, a fantasy.

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It is one thing booking two escorts for double the fun but I couldn't expect a colleague to go along with my idea of heaven on what would have been our first night together. And I rationalised, being an intelligent guy, that actually Hermione would chase even harder if I indian escort watford rebuffed her now whilst making sure she knew I was interested. Perhaps I could have indian escort watford best of both worlds?

Don't pretend that you wouldn't have done exactly the same thing. Don't tell me that you would have been all noble, all chivalrous! The fact is I had a guaranteed great night with Sandrine - and only a guy who has spent an evening or any time at all with a Watford Escort can know what I mean - versus what might have ended up as a long and drawn out getting to know you and a quick fumble at the end of the night with Hermione.

Well, I am not a knight in blooming shining armour. So, I made the excuses mentioned earlier and Hermione sulked off, though she did give me the pleasure of an up close and personal moment when she decided that her tongue should get acquainted with mine? And just in the nick of time she disappeared around the end of the hotel hallway just before my hot escort date for the night stepped out of the hotel lift! Quite the exciting night I think you will agree. And it would be fair to say that Sandrine was a ten out of ten in every department.

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That's what I like about visiting escorts: you just know that these vivacious beauties are up for fun. With your average girl the whole dating thing can be a minefield with all the sexual politics of the modern age. I just can't abide small talk, pretence, game playing or having to go through some sort of make her laugh, shower her with compliments, make her feel special rigmarole.

I am what I am and at the end of the day I know what I like. On the other hand the idea of Hermione ing me in an intimate experience with Sandrine is one indian escort watford I just can't shake off. Some guys would try to engineer the situation. I'm just going to see how it goes when I next see my colleague and if we click and end up between the sheets well then I will be honest about things and tell her that escort splay a big part in my life and I don't see that changing. And well, maybe, you just don't know, perhaps she would find spending time with a hot and sexy escort just as much fun as I do.

How can it hurt to be honest?

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Look at it like this. Scenario one and Hermione is shocked, outraged, emotional, and tells me that we can never spend time together again. Is that so bad? Do I want to be in an exclusive relationship which begins well with the honeymoon period where everything is on the table and quickly deteriorates to a night in watching Netflix and eating a takeaway?

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