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Zagreb, Croatia is not your average capital city. But fewer tourists also means fewer attractions and activities. A visit here will undoubtedly be low-key, relaxing, and inexpensive. We certainly enjoyed ourselves! One of the best ways to experience a town or city is to visit their produce market! I could spend a whole morning just walking around at the market taking in the sights and smells. Each item on display was donated to the museum by someone who recently ended a relationship.

Each exhibit is accompanied by a story sent in with the item about the relationship or the breakup, and many of them show how long the couple was together.

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The museum is at times extremely depressing think multi-decade marriages ended in cheating and divorce, or others ending in suicidebut the overwhelming majority of the stories were hilarious and witty or just plain heartwarming. An Ex Axe from Berlin, Germany. A man sent this in after his girlfriend left him for another woman. She had recently moved in prostitution in zagreb him before she found someone new and ran off on a 2-week vacation with this new girlfriend.

When she returned from her holiday and came to retrieve her belongings, all she found was a pile of hacked up wood! A Linksys Router, from a 7-month relationship in San Francisco. Not Compatible. A champagne cork from a 2. This is the cork from the champagne I used to celebrate my lucky escape. And finally, my favorite, the Toaster of Vindication. This one came from Denver, Colorado after a 4-year relationship ended.

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How are you going to toast anything now? The Museum also has a sassy gift shop and a cute little cafe. They have some creative souvenirs, my favorite being their chocolate selection:.

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They have something like four different storefronts all located around hereall offering the same food and beer. For a magical 1-hour window each day, their beer and pizza Happy Hours prostitution in zagreb. Each day from pm, the Pizza of the Day is half off. So, obviously, the hour between 5 and 6pm became a big deal to us. As an added bonus, their beer is actually pretty delicious!

We especially loved their Wheat Beer.

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Kevin brews his own beer at home, so we are a bit spoiled by usually having beer around to drink that is made to our exact specifications, so this was nice to find on our travels. Tasty beers at Pivnica Medvedgrad. Our fave, the Wheat Beer, on the right.

Pick any brownie from their huge menu:. They even have a zoo. Zagreb is a city of fun pedestrian-only zones, huge busy piazzas, and gardens and flowers galore. Seriously, someone in the Parks Department has the gift of a green thumb. The area of interest to Tourists is all within a fairly compact neighborhood, prostitution in zagreb most sights are within a minute stroll. Zagreb is home to the shortest Prostitution in zagreb in the world. The stairs are an easy option, too, and free.

Because I am an old lady at heart…. What a cool roof, right? This building was targeted in the war in the s, and was damaged by air raids by the Yugoslav forces in You can see the bright orange tiles that replaced the ones damaged in the war. Did you know that Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia?

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This plaque honors him. Also, notice that the streetlight by the door is an old fashioned gaslight! In fact, Zagreb has functioning gas lights around the city, and all of them have to be lit and put out each day by a couple of city employees.

Oh, the irony…. The main pedestrian drag in Zagreb. Tons of fun bars, great restaurants, and cute shops.

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Be sure to duck inside to see the chandeliers that came from Las Vegas in the s. Gaudy, right? Church Building Why you should not use limestone for elaborate buildings in a cold climate. The prostitution in zagreb on the left is made of limestone and was worn down from years of harsh winters in Zagreb. When you walk out of the train station, this is what greets you.

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Not bad! We told the barista we were from Seattle, and he wanted to talk our ears off about Vivace Coffee. A delicious American Pale Ale, brewed at a tiny microbrewery here in Zagreb. Tasted just like what you might order back home in Seattle! Enter Rocket Burgerallegedly the best burger available in Croatia.

A beef patty, slice of cheddar, beer-caramelized onions, a couple pieces of bacon, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, and a secret sauce.

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We miss home! It can take anywhere from 4. I love trains in Europe!

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The train journey is scheduled to take 6 hours, but is frequently late. We arrived about minutes behind schedule.

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Part of that delay was due to a minute smoke break halfway through the trip:. Talk about a mass exodus from the train.

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Smoking is a lot more common here, and almost everyone got out at this stop. The scenery train ride to Zagreb is beautiful and impossible to capture from inside of a moving train. We wound our way past dramatic limestone cliffs, had beautiful views of the Adriatic sea, and even climbed through a snowy mountain range! We started to get cabin fever before we arrived in Zagreb.

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Do as the locals do and bring a bunch of snacks and entertainment:. Please leave us a comment and let us know! My first trip abroad was to Hungary. Hope you get to Debrcen and Saraspatek. Not sure of the spelling. The are both beautiful! Thanks so much prostitution in zagreb the tips, Peg! Here's How to Save Money on Airbnb. Search for:. The Beautiful City of Zagreb, Croatia. The outdoor area of the Dolac Market in Zagreb.

Look how packed the place is!


Cured meats, anyone? A bakery booth in the cavernous indoor area of the market.

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Dozens of flower vendors selling beautiful bouquets. Buy flowers for your garden! The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. Enjoying beers at Pivnica Medvedgrad! Maksimir Park has a seemingly endless amount of trails to choose from.

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