Dating a depressed person

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1. learn about depression

Depression is a lingering and silent conqueror, a skeleton in your closet that can only be seen if you look inwardly. It is not an illness that can usually be seen with the naked eye.

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It can be oppressive and debilitating. Unlike depression, sadness is a normal human emotion that every single person will experience, and in fact, is necessary for peak levels of functioning and growth.

Dating can be difficult; but dating with depression is a whole other challenge. here, advice to help you navigate the process.

Generally speaking, sadness has links to a specific trigger. If your feelings of sadness and hopelessness are lasting over two weeks and dating a depressed person remedying themselves, this could be a of depression. This may mean that you have also lost a general interest in activities and normal day-to-day routines that once were enjoyable.

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To sum all of this information up, depression is super difficult to understand from the outside looking in, and even more so to live with. Managing moderate to severe depression requires dedication to lifestyle changes and mental health treatment — and not just a few times, but pretty consistently.

4 things to know about dating someone who struggles with depression.

If you are dating someone who is suffering from depression and its various symptoms, there is tremendous value in having a basic understanding of the illness and knowing ways that you can be supportive of your partner. Just as there is value in that, there is an equal amount of value in your partner making any type of effort to manage their symptoms on their own.

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Beyond just mental health treatment, treatment of any condition requires pull from both the patient and the professional. Because depression can be a result of internal and external consequences, although the symptoms ificantly lower motivation, your partner will need to work towards recovery in their own way during the process.

2. stay flexible

The most crucial question to ask your partner is if they are willing to tackle their depression head-on. For instance, are they willing to talk to a mental health professional like a therapist or counselor?

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Do they have hobbies to engage in or that they would like to try? Do they have coping skills to use and if not, would they be open to learning about some?

1. depression is complicated and real

Your partner does not need to cure their depression in any sense of the word, and frankly, it is unrealistic to expect any kind of quick fix. The key is to take small, persistent steps to gradually feel better, not good all at once.

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When you love someone who is suffering in any way, sometimes the last thoughts that you have are about yourself and where you are with your own wellness. In any type of relationship, you have to be full enough in order to give. If you love someone who struggles with depression and if you are feeling like your tank is running out of gas, take this as a gentle invitation to pull over momentarily.

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While your partner works through their symptoms, very often you may overcompensate. You most likely will overcorrect. You most likely will pull more of the weight.

Dating someone who’s struggling with depression? here’s how to be supportive without ignoring your own needs

This is by no means any fault of your partner, as depression is something that nobody is choosing to live with. Relationships should not be about need, but instead about want. If there are no choices involved, independence can quickly turn into codependence.

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Feeling empowered can turn into feeling guilty. Guilt dating a depressed person tricks us into thinking that we have control over a situation or person, but generally, we do not. The harsh reality is this: staying in a relationship with someone who is depressed will not remedy the depression.

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The other harsh reality: you cannot be in a relationship if your own health and happiness are not present. Now, does this mean that someone living with depression should stop dating or not be in a relationship?

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Absolutely not. The good thing about depression is that it is treatable.

3. be careful with the words you use

When you hear treatable, cue treat ing your depression with loving-kindness — a little mental health treatment here, some lifestyle changes there. And if you are in a relationship with someone who is carrying some depression with them and you are both working together towards a resolution, you can surely help to lighten the load.

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Really listen to your partner, and particularly in this time; hearing and listening are not one in the same. Love them unconditionally, even if you have a hard time recognizing your partner right now. Love yourself unconditionally too. Juliana has worked with clients on a large range of presenting issues, including substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, major depression, mood disorders, grief and loss, trauma, sexual and domestic violence, and community violence. Juliana is skilled in Dialectical Behavior Therapy practices including mindfulness-based practicestrauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, sexual assault counseling, and substance abuse therapy.

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Juliana's treatment emphasizes strengths and person-centered approaches, believing in the resilience and individuality of each client. Her work is both passionate and empathetic, fostering a safe and inclusive space where individuals can be who they are without fear of judgment.

Juliana is collecting her clinical hours to become a d Clinical Social Worker, as well as learning how to further incorporate spirituality in her counseling through Reiki dating a depressed person meditation. You may also like.

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