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Granted, I did spend almost all of my time in Bucharestso this could have made the difference. I spent 2 days in Brasov and went to see the Bran Castle nothing special at all!!! Brasov was certainly nice, clean, charming, etc.

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I would recommend Brasov as a rest from Bucharest. Bucharest on the other hand was very big, very spread out which made taking taxis necessary for moving around at night, caotic, dirty and noisy.

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I did see dogs on the streets, but nothing to really alarm me. Beggars were also visible, but nothing bothersome.

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I never felt unsafe walking around and did see a good police presence. I will say that Bucharest has a of very beautiful buildings. I am not talking about the palaces that they talk about in guide books. I highly recommend simply walking around down any random block.

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You will be amazed at the of majestic buildings and palaces. I really enjoyed this.

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The city, though, just did not live up to what I expected. These cities are more "western European", whereas in Bucharest I really felt like it was "east Europe ". I could count on one hand the of people I saw actually with a smile on their face.

The words "thank you", "excuse me" I have never seen such bad service in my lifetime. People could speak a bit of English, but at times this was even a problem. Taxi drivers are the biggest thieves in the world in Bucharest.

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Always check how much they are charging you per lei before starting. I was consistently overcharged and only when one of my Romanian friends negotiated the rate did I pay 3x less! The food was nothing special. It seemed to lack any real taste.

Many times I found it to be very bland. The nightlife was ok at best. I found the clubs to be very "cliq-ish" i. I was recommended the top clubs like Bonsai and Bucharest prostitution. Also I went to Office and Planters. These places are full of beautiful women who know it! I just felt like it was a private party only for them, whereas when I walk into a disco in Warsaw, for example, it feels more like a party with everybody invited. I would also caution people that you will find working girls in these places who are there only to get money out of tourists.

They have no shame in telling you upfront how much their time costs I also saw working girls in my 4 star hotel in the lobby and reception did nothing about this.

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Not to mention every night I was offered the services of working girls from pimps who hang out on the street corners. Just not my style. I highly recommend the Rembrandt Hotel. Just superb service, superb location The second, Ramada Majestic was ok at best and supposedly 4 stars.

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I am glad that I saw it, but I would not rush to go back. Try a city like Budapest if you really want to eat well and have outstanding service, see beautiful architecture, meet interesting people and have fun.

Take my advice for what it is worth. It left me with a "this city is nothing special" feel I am sorry to say.

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If you want to see something nice in romania you need to see nature in romania. Go to northern romania and see the beautifull wooden churches, go to the mountains fagaras, piatra craiului and any othersee sighisoara, see the danube delta.

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Bucharest prostitution, what a bright and tireless traveler! You entered 4 clubs out of a few hundreds and now you're an expert on Bucharest nightlife. Simply stunning! And what major discoveries you've made Bucharest must be the only town in the Europe with prostitutes in clubs and hotels!

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I am certainly not allowing this to prevent my husband and I from going to Romania. We are not even going to be spending time bucharest prostitution Bucharest as I feel we would miss out on so much if we did not spend time in the countryside and small villages. We are realistic about going to the restaurants - we do not expect what we get at home nor do we expect any fine dining gourmet stuff.

We just want to experience the food for what it is - Romanian! We are going for the culture, architecture, history, scenery and slower pace.

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No need to get upset alterme. I said that I was offering my "two cents" of advice No need to attack me with your sarcasm. Of course I walked around the city each day and went to museums and yes I went to more than those 4 clubs. My general impression of the city is that I did not like it and would not go back. Maybe my trip would have bucharest prostitution different in the mountains, etc But Bucharest is not a city I would run to visit ever again and I have a right to express my opinion Nepo, you are right - you do have a right to express your opinion.

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Whether everyone agrees with it is not the point. As a Romanian, I can say I feel disapointed that you found so many things to not be on your liking, but as someone ly said, you do have the right to an opinion on Bucharest. I would never recommend anyone to spend more than 2 days in Bucharest, since it is only the capital and you definetly missed out some great places.

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Lets move onto Brasov Brasov is among my favourite places Obviously you only been in the old city of Brasov if you think it is small. Have you walked behind bucharest prostitution walls, climb up to the White and Black Towe, been to Saint Nicholas Church, go up on Tampa Mountain to have a panorama of brasov? You could have went up by cable bucharest prostitution in Busteni and conect with the nature a little, outstanding view, and the Babele and Sphinx natural rock formations would have amazed bucharest prostitution.

Ialomicioara bucharest prostitution was very bucharest prostitution also. You should have stayed in Dracula House hotel hotel deed as a castle in Poiana Bucharest prostitution of the best hotels in Romania in my opinion, excelent service, excelent cuisine, the chef is a miracle. As for restaurants you should have tried Daci's hut, even if the attitude of the waiters is a little defying sometimes, but they have Life Folk band, and the food is not bad at all, the decorations are very rustic.

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Other things to see in Romania: Transfagarasan Highwaypretty awesome landscape, Bicaz Gorges amazingly beautifulThe Moldova Painted Monasteries Unesco Monuments, where as Voronet is named the Sixtine Chapel of the Orient, the painter inventing a blue color that not even until this day anyone knows how it was created.

The Maramures Wooden Churches, that stand out as early as 16 century. The Merry Cemetery from Sapanta. Hunedoara Castle Ok, I'm sorry I got carried away; of course you have the right to express your views. But I hope I also have the right to express my views, which are bucharest prostitution your opinions are superficial and unfounded and to be alarmed by them, because over the time such things have piled up and have succeeded into creating a grossly distorted image of Bucharest.

I just got back from an 8 day trip around Romania with 2 small children and 4 other adults, and we all found it fascinating!

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We started with a day in Constantanext went to a fantastic hotel in Predealand did day trips from there to BrasovBran bucharest prostitution, RasnovSighisoara beautifulSibiu exquisiteand the Peles palace in Sinaia not to be missed. We spent the last day in Bucarest, which is a growing, modern city with beautiful buildings some being restoredincredibly large avenues, and interesting tourist sights. Restaurants in Romania are really cheap and bucharest prostitution food is pretty good. We never felt any danger or threat in the whole time we were there, and had no problems at all, apart from bucharest prostitution punctured tyre!

It will be interesting to go back in 10 years to see how things change, now Romania is in the E. Back from Romania Browse all 10, Romania topics ».

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