Prostitution laws in western australia

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The second Law and Sex Worker Health LASH report demonstrated overwhelmingly that the criminalisation of the sex work industry continues to negatively impact the health, safety and well-being of sex workers. The initial LASH report focused on three Australian jurisdictions and the different approaches each takes to sex work: the NSW decriminalisation modelthe implementation of the licensing scheme for commercial sex in Victoria, and criminalisation in Western Australia.

There was a specific focus upon the intersection of law enforcement and the health and safety of sex workers, as well as the implications of this nationwide.

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And while the act of sex work itself is not an offence, most sex work-related activities are outlawed. And this is a higher proportion than the LASH report found a decade earlier. One-fifth of those surveyed reported having been assaulted at least once over the last twelve months. This too is a higher than a decade ago.

Sex workers say wa's prostitution laws are making life tough

And the of sex workers that reported being threatened by clients has also increased. The report notes that although sexually transmissible infection STI and HIV prevention amongst sex workers has been highly successful in Australia, those working in the industry remain a priority population for potential transmission, due to the occupational risks. Under a prohibition model, heavy policing can lead to an elevated risk of STI and HIV contraction, as sex workers are forced to engage in riskier practices to avoid arrest.

The WA criminalisation approach prostitution laws in western australia le to barriers to accessing health services, due to the underground nature of the work.

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The current LASH report has a broader scope than the original, as along with female brothel-based workers, it included the experiences of private and escort workers, as well as male and transgender sex workers. Researchers found that the industry has changed over the last decade, with a decrease in brothel and street-based sex work and an increase in private sex workers.

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The Internet and social media have had a ificant impact on the way sex work services are promoted. This included increased self-confidence, financial benefits and work flexibility.

Push to reform wa’s sex work legislation

While only a fifth reported that it hindered their well-being. The key recommendation of the report is that Western Australia decriminalises the sex work industry.

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Decriminalisation in NSW has been recognised around the world as a best practice model, and it was highly influential in the approach New Zealand took to decriminalisation. Inthe Disorderly Houses Development Act passed through NSW state parliament, effectively decriminalising most aspects of the sex work industry.

The reforms reduced police corruption, improved sex worker health and safety, and increased access to peer support and education.

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The ACT passed legislation in that decriminalised much of its sex work industry. And in July this year, a sex work decriminalisation bill was passed in the South Australian upper house. If passed through the lower house, it will establish the most completely decriminalised industry in the world. The Swedish model is an end demand approach that criminalises those who pay for the services of sex workers, but not the workers themselves.

Is prostitution legal in australia?

This prostitution laws in western australia has been condemned by sex worker rights advocates globally, as it actually maximises harm to sex workers and their families. However, moves to decriminalise the industry are happening around the world. For many in the industry, the stigma that surrounds it is a highly damaging aspect of sex work. Our aim is to provide a single platform that acts as a stage for the voicing of varied, topical and interesting opinions.

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