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Clauses affected by the most recent amendment s are:.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this consolidated award is prepared by the Australian Industrial Registry and is believed to be accurate but no warranty of accuracy or reliability is given and no liability is accepted for errors or omissions or loss or damage suffered as a result of a person acting in reliance thereon. Australian Hotels Association C No. Allowable award matters.

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Further to the decision issued on 23 December [Print P] the above award is varied as follows:. Award title. Arrangement [PR].

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Part A. Definitions [PR]. Date the award starts. Where and who the award covers [PR]. Who is bound by this award [PR]. Application of Appendix A [PR].

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Relationship with other awards. Enterprise flexibility provisions. Work organisation. Procedure to avoid industrial disputation [PR]. No deduction for breakages or cashiering underings.

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Stand down of employees [PR]. Types of employment [PR]. Redundancy [PR]. Notice of Termination [PR].

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Classifications and wage rates [PR]. Penalty rates [PR]. Mixed functions [PR].

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Payment of wages. Option for annualised salary.

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Allowances [PR]. Broken periods of work [PR]. Superannuation [PR]. Hours of work [R]. Breaks [PR]. Overtime [PR].

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Annual leave [PR]. Personal leave [PR]. Parental leave [PR]. Jury service [PR].

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Public holidays [PR]. Provision of employee accommodation and meals [PR]. Accident pay. Posting of award. Leave for consultation meetings.

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Index of facilitative provisions. Part B - Casino Gaming. Casino Gaming wage rates [PR]. Annualised salary agreements. Transition provisions.

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Appendix Gateshead motor inn prostitution [PR]. Appendix C [PR]. Schedule A 5461. PART A 3. TAB terminal, electronic gaming terminal or similar terminal.

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Creates, maintains and generates simple reports. For those employees who operate a fork-lift as only part of their gateshead motor inn prostitution, either food and beverage grade 3 or storeperson grade 2 are applicable. The employee must prove that the leave was reasonable.

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The employer must tell the employee in writing. The employer must also send a copy of the notice to the Union on the same day. Such an employee will remain at this level for up to three months while the appropriate training for level 1 is undertaken and assessment made to move from the introductory level to level 1.

At the end of gateshead motor inn prostitution months from entry, an employee will move to level 1 other than where agreement has been reached and recorded between the employee and the employer that further training of up to three months is required for the employee to achieve competence for movement to level 1. Between 27 February and 15 April employers and employees who are part-time employees shall seek to reach agreement in accordance with clause This award relates to the industry of persons employed in any capacity whether full-time, regular part-time or casual in hotels, resorts, casinos, taverns, wine saloons, wine and spirit merchants retailing to the general public and other retail d establishments in or in connection with accommodation, with the selling of drinks, preparing and serving food and drinks, cleaning and attending to the premises and all other services associated therewith.

IRC of during the period of operation of that award [see clause 28, Area, Incidence and Duration of that award] except in relation to superannuation. IRC of during the period of operation of that award which is on and from 15 September to 5 October inclusive.

The South-Eastern Division of Queensland commences at Point Danger, and is bound by the southern boundary of the State westerly to degrees of east longitude; by that degree of longitude bearing true north to 24 degrees 30 minutes of south latitude; by that parallel of latitude bearing true east to the sea coast; and thence by the sea coast southerly to the point of commencement and all islands comprised in any State or Federal electorate in the South-Eastern Division of Queensland.

Do the work of any classification set out in clauses 3, 19 and 41 of this award.

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These additional obligations do not apply to employers who employ fewer than 15 employees. The penalty payments provided in this clause are payable in addition to the preserved APCS relevant to casual employees:. For work performed between midnight and 7. For the purposes of this clause, midnight shall include midnight Sunday.


In considering a request, the employer may have regard to any of the following factors:. However, nothing in this clause requires an employer to convert a casual employee working two hour shifts to regular part-time employment. Service with the same employer prior to 1 July will be taken into for the purposes of any such election. Any dispute arising about the application of this subclause between the date of this order and 1 July may be referred to the Commission for resolution. In the absence of agreement, the employee is entitled to not be available to attend work for up to 48 hours i.

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The casual employee is not entitled to any payment for the period of non-attendance. The rights of an employer to engage or not to engage a casual employee are otherwise not affected. Where a person was employed as a part-time employee pursuant to the Hospitality Industry — Accommodation, Hotels, Resorts and Gaming Awardthe employer and the employee should confer and seek to reach agreement on the translation to the terms of the Hospitality Industry — Accommodation, Hotels, Resorts and Gaming Award An employer who reaches an agreement with an employee which meets the requirements of In the gateshead motor inn prostitution that an employer and employee cannot reach agreement pursuant to clause Any person completing a full apprenticeship for cooking must not be paid less than a cook tradesperson grade 3 rate contained in clause 18 - Classifications and wage rates.

Any broken part of ten cents in the result being less than five cents will be disregarded - five cents and over will go to the higher ten cents. An apprentice in Victoria under the age of eighteen years shall not, without his or her consent, be required to work overtime or shift work. The minimum rate of wages for junior employees are the undermentioned percentages of the rates prescribed for the appropriate adult classification for the work performed for the area in which such junior is working. The minimum rates of wages for junior office employees are the undermentioned percentages of rates prescribed for the office employee 1st year of adult service in the clerical industry at the grade in which such junior is working.

Any broken part of ten cents in the result being less than five cents is disregarded - five cents and gateshead motor inn prostitution goes to the higher ten cents.

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