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Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. So time to update. Yes, time to move on. I have a few key items to get to, but what else should I take on? Any good hang-outs I should hit up? I stumbled upon this list recently, compiled by BBC, which includes of the most influential novels of all time.

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They apparently believe that the average person will only have read 6 of the following works. Well, BBC…. I am proud to say that I am well above average, at a grand total of This is a highly ambitious list, so if I can even make it through half I will be happy. Here goes! Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Her argument, though somewhat elitist, is poetically written and points to the need for women to have a place in society, and more specifically, in the literary world.

This book gave me nightmares for about a week straight, but I loved it. Vonnegut, in his own twisted, surreal way, narrates the bombing of Dresden and the height of WW2. Though a bit trippy, it was one of those books that both perplexed and fascinated me, and I loved it.

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Vonnegut is an incredible writer, however zany he may come across, and you will finish his books with your forehead crinkled and your lips probably chewed off, but you will inevitably take something away from it. No, really. Though tragic, the novel is breathtaking in its own way, and it left me thinking…and thinking…and thinking…. Okay, so another book that I hardly remember reading, except that I really loved it, even though it was incredibly depressing.

Steinbeck is best known for expressing the Depression-era mentality that milkmaid escort saint eustache the failure of the American Dream and the lives of the poor workers who were under-acknowledged in American society. His writing is a thing of beauty in and of itself. Even a Yankee like me can tell you that Southern literature is some of the most incredible art to come out of this country. The story of the South is one unlike any other story, and these others articulate it better than anyone. Oh, Harper Lee. Perhaps my favorite piece of American literature, To Kill A Mockingbird is one of those books you can read over and over again.

It is brilliance in verbal form. However, his non-fiction work In Cold Blood is a thrilling investigation that examines the murder of a family I believe they were in Kansasand the murderers that claimed it was a robbery gone wrong. I think my friends thought I was pscyho for reading this in high school, but it remains one of my favorite pieces of literature. Absalom, Absalom!

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But I will!! This book will break your heart. Gourevitch, a writer for the New York Times, helped cover the genocide in Rwanda, and later wrote this book that digs deep into the roots of the genocide and the aftermath of four years of civil war that tore the country apart.

Gourevitch, who wrote during and after the actual war, mixes poetic language with scientific observation and keen journalistic skills that allow him to delve into the emotional aspect of the crisis while simultaneously exposing the political undercurrents that were at work.

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Heartbreaking to get through but worth every pang, I would put this on a must-read list, especially for students of political science who sometimes fail to see the humans on the other end of policies. These guys were amazing. Whole families shopping at night! Aisles full of husbands! Wives in the avocados, babies in the tomatoes!

Coolest guys ever. Zadie Smith is a writer that I aspire to be like. No, actually, I just kind of want to be her. She is awesome. Her book of essays, Changing My Mindwas one that I literally could not put down for like, three days. I pretty much gorged myself on her words, because she knows exactly how to use them. Her essays are insightful and thought-provoking, and her literature is even more rich and bold.

I was supposed to read White Teeth for a literature class, milkmaid escort saint eustache never really got around to it. Hence, the goal to get through her two most renowned works this summer.

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So I stumbled upon this recipe on another blogand I knew I had to make it happen. They are cookie dough truffles, sans the raw eggs, and they looked too delicious to pass up. So after a long, luscious day at the beach — more on that later — Haley and I delved into our recipe. It was a messy ordeal: we came out of it with cookie dough and melted chocolate literally all over us, but it was well worth it.

They are now happily sitting in the freezer, waiting to be devoured by myself and my hungry friends. The recipe is pretty simple: sweetened condensed milk 14 oz. Combine aforementioned ingredients in a bowl, stir, and chill for about 20 minutes. Then roll into balls, set on a plate, and chill. It is literally that simple.

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They are literally the most deliciously dangerous little morsels of yumminess I have ever tasted. Haley and I had a bit of a ridiculous time making them though: between milkmaid escort saint eustache the melted chocolate and bites of cookie dough, we were pretty destroyed by the end of it. Totally worth it. They were so close Milkmaid escort saint eustache could have picked one up! One of them even crawled on my sneaker!! I just thought it was crazy how close they got…. There is something so different about artwork — the way one image can capture so many different political, social, and aesthetic perspectives fascinates me.

Coming home from Paris, I opted for a class on art history that has satisfied my craving for artistic culture, and has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of what our imaginations and hands can do when we have no truly fulfilling way to express ourselves. Each two hour class is chalk full of new, insightful information about not just the visual characteristics of works — the perpetually red and blue representations of the Madonna, or the use of a dog in various works as a symbol of eroticism — but the way that they convey political issues and social attitudes.

Impressionism, what we now accept as an aesthetically pleasing style that often decorates our walls, coffee mugs, and notecards, came out of many changing attitudes in 19th century France, including the Haussmanization of Paris: the newly transformed city became a place to see and be seen, and thus the focus on first impressions and momentary judgements.

All milkmaid escort saint eustache means to say that art is important to not just culture, but to the advancement of our society as a whole.

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Olympia is, without a doubt, my favorite painting. She is a realistic interpretation of a woman — and Manet did this on purpose. Olympia, however, looks right at you.

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She confronts you, forces your gaze upon her and challenges you with the confidence and coolness of her eyes. Her servant offers her a bouquet of flowers, presumably from a, ahem, suitor. If you look at the background, Manet cuts it in half using a wall, and the line that bisects the painting le your gaze directly to the placement of her hand and the symbolism of her gesture.

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Even their names echo a mythological understanding — Venus and Olympia are both powerful Greek references — and the color palette, general setup, and subject are shockingly similar. So what did Manet do differently? This means that her open eroticism is acceptable. Manet, on the other hand, challenges the social norm by blatantly presenting a prostitute. Olympia, unlike her doppelganger three centuries prior, is blunt in her sexuality. Okay, I know, perhaps a piece that is almost over appreciated. Van Gogh was a master of his craft: before beginning his work as a painter, Van Gogh studied contemporary art in Paris, examining the works of his fellow artists.

Combining these ideas, Van Gogh was able to create works with intense visual vibrancy that almost explode off of the canvas. The Starry Night is a prime example of this:. This painting is incredible.

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First of all, I must correct a common misconception which was recently corrected for me, as well. That is to say, he painted when he was sane. The most prominent building in the landscape, the church, gives a strong religious context and again directs the gaze upwards to the heavens.

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But what really blew my mind when I learned about this painting……is this:. As well as studying contemporary French art, Van Gogh was a zealous student of Japanese art, and studied alternative ways to represent spatial configurations. Lucky for me, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is the home of this breathtaking masterpiece, so I will be taking a trip to see it as soon as I possibly can this summer.

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